Airport Style: Efficient, Effortless Look

When traveling, if you want to keep it simple, comfortable and yet elegant, this is a great go to staple look to brave the airport style:

The Elements:

A comfy dark legging (black, grey, navy, brown…). A dark colored one is preferable cause if it gets dirty will not show up that easily. It’s gotta be comfortable (to sleep in), so pick one that it is not compressing tight and made of cotton, wool or viscose, depending on your destination. If you are going to a cold place, a warmer one made of wool or from one of those thermal fabrics is a good idea. If the place is gonna be hot, a cotton or a viscose one, please.

Dark and in a neutral color is a more versatile option for leggings.

A top that could be a shirt, a bohemian top, a blouse, a tunic, a t-shirt, a cami or tank top, a sweater, a sweater dress, a long sleeve t-shirt… anything very much your style. Still, choose a top accordingly to your destination: if cold, a warm one like a sweater is the way to go; if hot, a lighter one like a blouse or a t-shirt or a cami. Got it?

Here you can go neutral or with a splash of dark color. With a top in your style. And yes, it can a very basic, classic top or a trendy, not so basic one. It is up to you.

Having said that… if the place you are departing from is too cold, you can wear some warm clothes to travel and underneath or in your bag bring a fresher top, like a t-shirt or a cami to wear when you arrive. This is a good idea especially if you are going back to the same cold place.

And yes, a dark one is more practical. But it could be a dark shade of any color, not only neutrals. The same can be applied to the next element.

A coat, a cardigan or a jacket. Choose it according to your destination weather. If you are going to a cold place, you can wear your heavy coat. If you are going to a warm place, then a cardigan is enough to be your extra layer if you need one during your stay or while you are in the aircraft.

A splash of dark color is welcome for a coat, cardigan or jacket if you want to run away from neutrals.

It is a possibility (and a good idea) to take with you a nice pashmina. To warm you up in the airplane and in your destination. Even if over there is gonna be hot. You never know when that freezing breeze will strike your vacations. And a pashmina can be your just-in-case coat. No need for a cardigan or a jacket.

Who said you cannot have some fun with your shoes? A splash of color, animal print are welcome to add some jazz to your outfit. And if you are gonna go for the gym sneakers (the New Balance one on the photo), bet in a dark color to polish up the look. Leather or suede instead of canvas is also a more interesting option.

And finally shoes. An easy one to take off at the airport and comfortable to travel with. Good options: boots (ankle boots or mid calf boots, zippered or slip ons), sneakers (slip ons are the best bets), ballet flats, flat sandals (a little bit dressier than flip flops 🙏) and even wedges.

Okay, if you are a major boots fan and will take a knee high boot, you can travel wearing this one to save some space in your luggage. The same philosophy is applied to your heavy coat.

And yes, socks are a good item to bring with you if you wearing shoes without them. For the airplane ride.

A handbag: big enough to carry everything you need to with you. If you taking a carry-on with you, your handbag can be small as a baguette just to carry important things such as your passport, wallet, phone… things like that. And in your carry-on you can take your laptop, tablet, some clothes, a makeup bag, your jewelry etc…

The pashmina can be neutral or the splash of color in your look. And the sunnies can be a statement, why not?

Sunnies: Just.In.Case.

Underwear: pick a bra that is comfortable to sleep in and yet it has some proper support. But not the wired ones because, first, they can cause some trouble at the airport and second, it is not the most comfy one to sleep with. A comfy panties are a good idea too.

The last element is an optional one: headwear. If you are going to a cold place, a warm one (beanie, fedora etc) made of wool or felt is the perfect choice; if you are heading to a sun shinning destination, then consider a straw one like a Panama or then a cotton or linen one. And yes, the headwear can be part of your traveling look.

This way you are gonna be comfortable, cozy and presentable all times during your airplane ride, sleeping time included. And you will be prepared to face the different temperatures from your departure to your destination city and the airplane in between.

Here you can check some whole looks in this vibe.

Author: Fab Fernandes

Personal Stylist, Writer in the making, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Breathing Coach, Yoga Enthusiastic and officially beyond 4.7.

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