An All-Black Look Is Not The Only Way To Look Slimmer

Ok, an all black look is indeed a good way to look slimmer. But only if it fits properly. A head-to-toe oversized outfit for instance is not gonna do the magic. So, if you do want to look slimmer, take care of the outfit’s fit. It matters. It should not be too comfy neither too tight. Just perfect.

Looks All-Green, All-Navy, All-Grey.

With that fit thing in mind, consider other color combos to have the same result as an all-black look. Like an all-navy or all-dark green or all gray look just like in the photos above. In fact, any dark shade of color is a good bet and alternative to black.

Look Close Dark Shade To Close Dark Shade.

Other possibility is betting in two very close shades of a dark color like dark gray and navy or black and navy/gray or even dark gray and dark green or dark burgundy red with dark brown and so on and on…

Dark Purple, Dark Grey, Dark Blue/Navy, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Dark Red.

Now you know that the next time you want to look a little slimmer you can rely on other dark shades of color and not only black to do the trick. You can even wear two different colors in a similar dark shade to do it.

Author: Fab Fernandes

Personal Stylist, Writer in the making, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Breathing Coach, Yoga Enthusiastic and officially beyond 4.7.

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