Top Street Style Trends For Summer 2019 – For Her

Because nowadays, the best way to check for trends of the moment is looking to what is going on on the street style or what the fashion influencers are wearing rather than flipping through a magazine or checking the runways.

True. But you knew that already.

So, according to The Trend Spotter, those are the hot trends to watch:

Photos: Pinterest reproduction.
Photos: Pinterest reproduction.
Photos: Pinterest reproduction.
  1. Bike Shorts worn with Blazers (preferable oversized).
  2. Animal Prints loud version. Head to toe or just a splash of.
  3. Utilitarian Jumpsuits. Let the accessories talk.
  4. Lavender is the New Black. Touches of or an OD of.
  5. Puff Shoulders. Let it be the leading touch in your whole look.
  6. Gothic Vibe. Don’t forget to bright up the dark mood with some red lipstick.
  7. Bright Tartan. With other bright pieces is the way to go.
  8. Bucket Hats. To have some fun and sun protection.
  9. Patchwork. Another print to make a bold statement.

Author: Fab Fernandes

Personal Stylist, Writer in the making, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Breathing Coach, Yoga Enthusiastic and officially beyond 4.7.

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