An All-Black Look Is Not The Only Way To Look Slimmer

Ok, an all black look is indeed a good way to look slimmer. But only if it fits properly. A head-to-toe oversized outfit for instance is not gonna do the magic. So, if you do want to look slimmer, take care of the outfit’s fit. It matters. It should not be too comfy neither too tight. Just perfect.

Looks All-Green, All-Navy, All-Grey.

With that fit thing in mind, consider other color combos to have the same result as an all-black look. Like an all-navy or all-dark green or all gray look just like in the photos above. In fact, any dark shade of color is a good bet and alternative to black.

Look Close Dark Shade To Close Dark Shade.

Other possibility is betting in two very close shades of a dark color like dark gray and navy or black and navy/gray or even dark gray and dark green or dark burgundy red with dark brown and so on and on…

Dark Purple, Dark Grey, Dark Blue/Navy, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Dark Red.

Now you know that the next time you want to look a little slimmer you can rely on other dark shades of color and not only black to do the trick. You can even wear two different colors in a similar dark shade to do it.

Own Your Look

These two always own their looks. What a stylish couple! Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl.
Photo: @johanneshuebl

Regardless of what you are wearing and how you are wearing, nothing will matter most than your ability to own your look. And by own your look I mean, feel comfortable in it, not only in terms of fitting but feeling great, at ease wearing it. As if you were the queen or the king of that particular look. Because if you don’t, it will show and that on its own could compromise the whole look. Even if you are wearing the right shades of color. Even if the look is perfect for your body type and suits your style. If you don’t feel amazing and at ease, this little detail can ruin it all for you.

So always own your look.

It Is Not A Fashion Sin To Have And Wear A Certain Piece In Different Colors Or Prints

Photo: @karenwazenb

If you find an especially flattering fit from a particular piece that you absolutely love it and feels it is so much you, go ahead and buy doubles. Triples. As many as you like. In different colors or prints, obvioulsy. Cause when it works, works and that is all you need to look fab.

Photo: @johanneshuebl

I personally love a wrap dress. I have some in my wardrobe. All in different prints but still a wrap dress. I can dress up or down as the occasion requires and to suit my mood as well. Love them. And I feel as if they are trademark dresses. Actually, I think dresses in general are my trademark. Love them. Most of the time I am on a dress. That is me.

And how about you, do you have a certain clothes’ style that figures often in your wardrobe?

When The Subject Is Showing Skin, Follow This One Rule

If you are betting on a plunging neckline, let this be the only major skin revealing of your outfit. Or if you are going for a sexy slit showing some legs in a skirt or dress do the same. Don’t combine them both in the same outfit. Because if you do, besides looking too much skin revealing they will cancel out the effect of each other.

Photo: Pixabay
And that rule applies for showing your back as well or just your legs in a mini skirt, for instance.

In another words, to maximize the wow factor of a plunging neckline or a skirt slit, let them be the star of your look alone. And by doing so, you will keep the look elegant as well.

Got it?

The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

Actually, I should have said the right shades of colors for your skin undertone, because it is your skin undertone that will dictate which shades of colors will complement your skin. And yes, you read it right: I said shades of color and not color, because for each 12 seasons (yes, you read it right again!) there will be different shades of blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, gray etc that will be perfect for each. In another words, if you want to find the right colors for your skin you will need to think about which shades of colors are your best friends.

And by your best friends shades of color I mean that shade of color that will make you look your very best, that will uplift you, that will enhance your best features and that will make you glow even with no makeup on or sans a nice healthy tan to back you up.

What I am gonna teach here is a test you can do on your own with each shade of color you come across. So, you can do it with every piece on your wardrobe or with every piece you are buying from now on. Having said that, the fitting rooms are not the best place to decide wether or not that shade color is for you or not. Below you will understand why.

To the test:

First, you will need a natural light from a window or a door or from being outdoors. And a mirror. It is a good idea to have no distractions in your background or simply choose a gray one. Make sure you have no make up on. Then get the piece of clothing with the particular shade of color and place it right below your chin. Then pay attention to the effects that this shade of color causes in your face such as: 

  • The white part in your eyes looks sparkling whiter.
  • So your teeth. (smile to check this out)
  • Your skin looks healthier.
  • If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes they will look smoother, suddenly.
  • Even without makeup you look refreshed, glowing, your best.
  • The wrinkles might look smoother.

If you got those effects when testing a shade of color, then yes, this is a friendly one. If by any chance the results you get when you test that shade of color is:

  • Unhealthy, opaque or dull looking skin.
  • Opaque eyes.
  • More than usual yellow smile.
  • Wrinkles look more visible.

Then that shade of color is not your bff.

By the way, your friendly shades of colors are your best bet to wear near your face in tops, scarves, coats etc. When you wear them near your face they will do their magic. If you like a shade of color that doesn’t belong to your friendly palette you can wear it in a place away from your face as a bag, a shoe, a skirt or pants, for example with no side effects.

Of course that if you wear only friendly shades of color head to toe it would be the best, but it is not necessary.

And if you are testing a printed top or scarf, well, let’s say that 70% to 80% of that should be in friendly shades of colors. At least.

If you have a tan, you can do the test and take a note that this shade of color is great for you with a tan and when you no longer have one, retest it to confirm if it is a good shade of color for you. I am saying it because sometimes makeup and a tan can help a shade of color be your friend, but without them, not so much. And here we are trying to establish which shades of colors are the very best for you under any circumstances. That will make you look great even waking up in the morning after a bad sleeping night.

Having said that, of course that if a shade of color looks good on you wearing makeup or a tan and you do intend to wear that shade of color with one or the other, than that color will be a good friend of yours then. 

Got it?

Another way to know if a shade of color is your best friend: take a mental note to the compliments you get every time you wear a particular shade of color. That can help too.

By the way, if you are not so sure about the outcome of certain shades of colors you can always invite a dear friend that can help you with that.

How To Cuff A Shirt In A Cool Way For Her

This a different way to cuff your shirt. A cool and yet very elegant way. And it goes like that:

  • With an unbuttoned cuff fold the sleeve halfway up the arm, at your elbow height.
  • Roll the bottom of the sleeve up the arm once or twice as you wish.
  • Then smoothly pull the cuff..
  • Scrunch the sleeve up as you wish.
  • Tug the cuff once again.
  • And voilà.

You can check via gif how to do this tutorial here. And bear in mind that you can leave more cuff showing if you want to. It is up to you.

Having options is always a good thing. And this could be that detail that would add some thing extra to your plain Jane look.

Give it a try. It is not hard at all.

The Perfect Hem Length To Every Pants

Forget about trends for a moment, this is a guideline to hem length in a classical, better way to go for it, if you are looking for a hem that plays on your team and makes you look polished.

First of all, the most important thing to have in mind is to hem the pants wearing the shoes you are planning to wear with that particular pants, because the height of the heels matter. This is the only way you can decide the proper length for your pants.

If by any chance you want to wear that particular pants with two different shoe heights then choose a length in between. But be aware that this is not going to look your best either way, just Okay. Okay? Unless the difference between the heights is close to nothing. Then this will be more than Okay.

Or you can choose the highest heel shoes to determine the hem and when you wear it with a flat shoes or a shoes with a lower heel then you hem it with a temporary hem via a hem tape, for instance. Although a wide leg pants or a pants in a very thin flowing fabric can be tricky to get away with it.

Anyways, here are the proper hems for every pants’ style:

Classic Straight Tailored Pants:

And here I am talking about a straight and slightly flowing pants that can be menswear inspired (or not). That kind of working trousers that could be part of a suit or the perfect piece to wear with a shirt or a blouse. The back of this pants should be ½” off the floor. In any way you should step on your hem with this one. In the front it could have a bit of drape (break) but not enough to hide the shoes. Or no break at all. In anyway, the front of your shoes should be visible.

Wide Leg Pants And Flare Pants:

They both look better with a longer hem length, that kind that almost sweeps the floor and has no break. Keep your back hem just a ¼” off the floor. Or even less, but never to the point of touching the floor. In the front, just a peek of your toe, if that much.

Bootcut Pants:

This one can get the both hem heights above or be placed in between them (¼” to ½” off the floor in the back).

Skinny Jeans, Leggings or Jeggings:

This is the most versatile type of pants in terms of hem. Because the hem will go with any shoe heights, from flat to stilettos and everything in between. This hem should be at the top of the ankle or somewhere around, up or down. But not much.

Straight Leg Slim Pants And Tapered Pants:

This straight is the one with a straight cut but quite slim, almost skinny so the cuff area usually is not wide enough to drape well over a shoe or even a boot. The tapered one starts as a straight one and from the knee starts tapering towards the bottom. In these two cases, the best hem option is around the bottom of the ankle, before your foot starts. Having said that, if the pants and the fabric allows you to go a bit further down (in the straight slim one), then you can do so.

Cropped Pants:

Or ankle pants. This type of pants demands some skin showing between your shoes and the pants. Unless you are going for ankle boots, then you can forget about it. Or keep that in mind and apply. This one should be hemmed pointing (or revealing) at the slimmest part of your ankle, somewhere around your ankle bone. Or a bit higher.

How To Wear Neutrals In A Fun Way

And the fun way can be adopted by a female, a male or a non binary. Here it is how:

Just pick a different neutral color to every piece in your look. This way: navy pants, white shirt, dark brown shoes, grey sweater or coat and voilà.

For that you can use any neutral color. And if you don’t know which ones are the neutral colors, let me tell you:

  • White.
  • Off-White (it is a dirty white that can oatmeal, linen, ecru, ivory, icy and so many other shades).
  • Gray.
  • Beige.
  • Camel.
  • Brown.
  • Khaki (beige or green).
  • Navy.
  • Black.
  • Blue jeans. In all its shades. Included the light blue jeans. Of course that if the jeans is in any of the color present on this list, it is also a neutral one.

I often include on this list of neutrals other colors that are almost neutrals like:

Olive, Military and Burgundy. There are lighter and darker shades of those colors as well.
  • Burgundy or basically any dark shade of red alike.
  • Olive or Military green. Those are very close shades of khaki green. Even a dark green can feature on this list.

And I do include them because like the other neutrals they do talk well with other colors. And yes, you could include that in your fun neutral look, however those colors will add an extra touch of color to your neutral look. If you want to keep a whole neutral look vibe, stick with the first list for your options.

How To Tie A Scarf In 25 Ways

One thing that you should learn if you don’t know by now is how to tie a scarf. Because a scarf can be that final touch that will make a difference in your look. Or it will just add an extra charm.

In any case, there are tones of ways to do it. Some pretty known, others, not so much. And of course that you don’t need to know every single way there is. Just a few that speak to you and compliment your style. So you will have that in your styling sleeve from now on.

Below there is a video with 25 ways to tie a scarf. You can choose some of them and master to vary your scarf look whenever you feel up to.

Or you can pick one of them to be your trademark, if you don’t have one by now. That is also a possibility.

And yes, you can do it with a shawl or a with a thicker scarf.

Which one is your favorite or trademark? My to-go knot is the European knot (aka Chelsea Knot). But I like to vary…