The Look: How To Wear Brown And Black Together

Photo: Instagram @ilariaurbinati

Although black and brown can be a little bit tricky when paired together in a look, the duo is totally possible. Just like Armie Hammer shows in the photo above.

The trick to get it right? It is a tricky one, actually. And it is because it will all depend on the shades of the color in question, even the shades of black. And to get it right you will have to have an eye for it, I am afraid.

But you can take a clue from his outfit to guide you through cause this totally worked. And it did because the shoes and the coat are brown and the jeans pants and the turtleneck are black. If by any chance he would have bet in brown for the pants and turtleneck and black for coat and shoes the result would not have been this good. In this case, the shoes should be brown and the coat could be black but still, the result would have been way less interesting than this one.