The Perfect Hem Length To Every Pants

Forget about trends for a moment, this is a guideline to hem length in a classical, better way to go for it, if you are looking for a hem that plays on your team and makes you look polished.

First of all, the most important thing to have in mind is to hem the pants wearing the shoes you are planning to wear with that particular pants, because the height of the heels matter. This is the only way you can decide the proper length for your pants.

If by any chance you want to wear that particular pants with two different shoe heights then choose a length in between. But be aware that this is not going to look your best either way, just Okay. Okay? Unless the difference between the heights is close to nothing. Then this will be more than Okay.

Or you can choose the highest heel shoes to determine the hem and when you wear it with a flat shoes or a shoes with a lower heel then you hem it with a temporary hem via a hem tape, for instance. Although a wide leg pants or a pants in a very thin flowing fabric can be tricky to get away with it.

Anyways, here are the proper hems for every pants’ style:

Classic Straight Tailored Pants:

And here I am talking about a straight and slightly flowing pants that can be menswear inspired (or not). That kind of working trousers that could be part of a suit or the perfect piece to wear with a shirt or a blouse. The back of this pants should be ½” off the floor. In any way you should step on your hem with this one. In the front it could have a bit of drape (break) but not enough to hide the shoes. Or no break at all. In anyway, the front of your shoes should be visible.

Wide Leg Pants And Flare Pants:

They both look better with a longer hem length, that kind that almost sweeps the floor and has no break. Keep your back hem just a ¼” off the floor. Or even less, but never to the point of touching the floor. In the front, just a peek of your toe, if that much.

Bootcut Pants:

This one can get the both hem heights above or be placed in between them (¼” to ½” off the floor in the back).

Skinny Jeans, Leggings or Jeggings:

This is the most versatile type of pants in terms of hem. Because the hem will go with any shoe heights, from flat to stilettos and everything in between. This hem should be at the top of the ankle or somewhere around, up or down. But not much.

Straight Leg Slim Pants And Tapered Pants:

This straight is the one with a straight cut but quite slim, almost skinny so the cuff area usually is not wide enough to drape well over a shoe or even a boot. The tapered one starts as a straight one and from the knee starts tapering towards the bottom. In these two cases, the best hem option is around the bottom of the ankle, before your foot starts. Having said that, if the pants and the fabric allows you to go a bit further down (in the straight slim one), then you can do so.

Cropped Pants:

Or ankle pants. This type of pants demands some skin showing between your shoes and the pants. Unless you are going for ankle boots, then you can forget about it. Or keep that in mind and apply. This one should be hemmed pointing (or revealing) at the slimmest part of your ankle, somewhere around your ankle bone. Or a bit higher.