Hello There!


Thanks for joining me!

My name is Fab Fernandes and I am a 4.7 Personal Stylist and Fashion Stylist in the making. Here I am gonna blog about one of my passions: styling. Nope, I am not gonna give tips on how to become a Personal Stylist or a Stylist; instead, I am gonna offer some styling ideas and tips for you to add to your life. Things like how to wear an outfit like this, how to make an outfit look dress up and down, what that dress code means, how to pack efficiently etc. Yep, in another words I am gonna be your Personal Stylist.

Or something close to it.

Anyways, stay around cause I am giving daily tips, in small doses. For men and women. And I will also do my best to answer your styling questions. Just ask in any comments area.

So see you.


Author: Fab Fernandes

Personal Stylist, Writer in the making, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Breathing Coach, Yoga Enthusiastic and officially beyond 4.7.

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